Ellen White Software and Font Troubles

Posted on December 23, 2012

Sometimes in dealing with different computers at the school I will see these hollowed out rectangles in the place of text on the Ellen White software. I have dealt with it a few times and the trouble is the font that the software is looking for is missing. The good news is the fix is simple. What happens at least with Linux (I think I had this problem myself once) and Mac is that Wine will link to where your fonts are at rather than keeping a copy. The trouble is at least with the Macs is that the Arial font which EGW Software is looking for is not in the folder that the Arial.ttf link is pointing to. What I have done to fix it is copy the fonts into Wine’s font folder, so I don’t have to fix a bunch of symbolic links. You do not have to copy over the symbolic links because the operating system knows the links are not files and treats them differently even if they have the same file name. On a Mac providing you have Office installed the fix looks something like this from the terminal:

cp /Library/Fonts/Microsoft/* /Users/yourusernamehere/Library/Application\ Support/Wine/drive_c/windows/fonts 

I know I don’t have all the details right for the destination folder, but you should have the basic idea. I think under Application Support there should be something called EGW and then a bottle under that, but after that point everything else should be the same. Just look around in the folders. If you find anything post it in a comment please.

Linux users will need to find some source for the Microsoft fonts. Some of us dual boot, so I would encourage copying from your Windows partition to /home/yourusername/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts, but again if you change where you have your Wine installed you will have to copy to the fonts folder where it is. The other possibility for fonts is through winetricks, but I haven’t tried it myself.